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A creative & colourful Easter

It feels as if I have just packed away my Christmas tree and Easter is upon us. It sort of crept up on us all, hasn't it? One thing that has me excited this year, is the move away from strictly pastel colours to an Easter colour palette that is bright and vibrant. The variety of Easter goodies on sale in the shops is over whelming.....but I did managed to pick out a few elements to include in a couple of creative ideas I have put together, which may give your imagination a little inspiration when it comes to giving family and friends Easter treats that are a little different this year.


1. Bottled speckled eggs. I popped past my favourite glass shop in Woodmead, Consol glass and just had to have these tall glass bottles with mini corks. Speckled eggs, soft jelly eggs in chocolate with a crisp candy shell are so decorative at Easter time and given they are small, passed easily down the long neck of these tall bottles. Fill the bottle up to the base of the neck and then wrap a skinny ribbon around the neck. To finish it off "and add a little sparkle" I popped a glitter egg (from Woolworths available in packs of three colours) around the neck, and there you have a gorgeous Easter gift that works for girls or boys. You could even pop these onto your Easter lunch table as the centre piece table decor.   

 2. Easter egg boxes. When you next buy eggs, look for eggs packaged in colourful egg boxes. I found these purple and green egg cartons at Pick n' Pay. Once you have packed the eggs away save the cartons for Easter gifts. I filled them with these brightly dyed "white" chocolate eggs. Close the box and find some bright paper, wrap around it to form a sleeve and add a complimentary ribbon to finish it off.


3. If you have a small Easter gift you would like to wrap, why not pop it into a small brown paper bag, gather the bag together at the top of the gift you inserted and tie a bow to secure. Then cut two ears from the excess paper above the bow. And to finish it off, add a white pom pom as the bunny tail. This presentation will make anyone smile. 


4. Buy a gorgeous Chocolate bunny, I particularly like the plain bright ones from Woolies (available in cerise and blue), and wrap it up as a gift using decorative cellophane. I created a sort of a bag effect using the cellophane, by rolling the sides into a triangle shape and added a skinny bow, which I then brought down the length of the sides. Now isn't that prettier than just giving a store bought bunny?


5. A token treat. Add a little shredded paper to the bottom of a cellophane bag, pop a few mini eggs into the "nest" and finish off with a bright ribbon tied into a traditional bow. These make very pretty "Easter" treats for guests or perfect to hide in the garden as part of your Easter egg hunt.  

My Easter this year will be very relaxed, at home, with friends. The Gift Wrap Studio wishes all our fans a very happy Easter, enjoy the festivities and do tuck into lots of Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns. 

Romy xx