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Black & White on trend for Father's Day 2016

I personally find it rather challenging wrapping gifts up for men, so I spent much time deliberating about this blog post on gift wrapping styles and ideas for wrapping up Father's Day gifts. You may have already come to know that I LOVE colour. Colour makes me happy, but that said, very bright colours tend to be very "pretty" and not particularly masculine.

I know that my BF's favorite colour is "green", not the bright lime green I love, but rather a muddy, murky, dirty, khaki kind of green - translate that into gift wrapping, I don't think so. As I pawed over magazines and trawled the internet for inspiration, I realised  that gift wrapping trends are often influenced by decor & interior design. I often see beautiful fabrics that I know would make magic gift wrapping.

In the world of design, the current wave, which seems to be everywhere, is Scandinavian design. This term represents a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, and that is what, I believe, gift wrapping styles for men's gifts need to belie. Bold contrasts, with clean lines, and so my gift wrapping theme for Father's Day 2016 is simply "Monochromatic". I initially couldn't help myself and wanted to make it Monochrome with a pop of colour, but decided to set myself a challenge, to keep it strictly Black & White, and I am thrilled with how the wrapping turned out. I hope you like it too...

1. Round paper rosettes 

This is a brand new gift wrap design available from The Ribbon Collection, which can be purchased from The Party Spot in Woodmead or Northgate Mall in Johannesburg. I love this simple, bold pattern. When wrapping gifts for men, you can't really tie big elaborate bows with ribbon, 'cause bows are really for girls. To replace a ribbon, I opted to use the same paper and make a round rosette, by concertina'ing two widths of paper and then joining them together with double sided tape to make a full round circle. I simply attached it to the gift with a glue dot.

2. The Swiss Cross

I just love the Black & White Swiss Cross pattern. One of my current favourites, which I see is everywhere right now. I do believe that as Scandi design gets bigger, so will the Swiss Cross. I think it looks amazing as a gift wrap. I found these two designs on I simply searched "Black & White Swiss Cross design" and then made my selection from the range on offer, paid for the designs, downloaded them and printed them out on my A4 office printer. The top gift is wrapped with a white brush stroke Swiss Cross on a black background and tied up using a little black & white baker's twine and then the simple black crosses on white, I finished off with a stylish tailored bow, perfect for use on a man's gift, as it is more structured and less fussy and feminine than a traditional bow.

3. Patterned band and matching Paper bow

Here I wrapped the gift in a plain black gift wrap and added a funky black & white strip. I made up a paper bow (almost looks like a bow tie, so more manly). I searched the internet for a free download black & white design gift wrap and bingo, a whole host popped up for me to choose from. Again I printed an A4 page on my office printer and applied as a band around the gift. Then once again not wanting to use ribbon I found a "Paper bow" template online and made up a paper bow from the same patterned paper. I think it looks very "Father's Day'ish".

4. Stylised trees

When I was shopping on Etsy for black & white gift wrap designs, I came across this design, by JJLynnDesign, which I really love. These lovely trees, all in a row, make for funky gift wrapping that is a little different, and if you did want to add colour in, you could get your kids to colour in the trees with koki pens. I used some thin velvet ribbon to add a luxe feel to the gift, and opted for a classic corner bow, so that no part of the gift wrap design is covered by the ribbon & bow.

5. Bag a bottle 

As perhaps challenging as it is to wrap up gifts for men, so is the actual selecting a gift always a challenge. I find that generally, it's really hard to find the right gift for a man. I nine times out of ten, end up buying a bottle of my Dad's best Scotch. If you are "wrapping" a bottle, which is a very awkward thing to wrap (I cover how to wrap bottles, turning them into a wow looking gift, in my Intro to Gift Wrapping workshop), I would suggest that instead of taking the "lazy' way out by popping it into a shop-bought gift bag, why not make your own bag? I managed to find some black & white "wall paper" at Builders Warehouse and made up a gift bag, inserted the bottle of scotch and secured with a ribbon. 

May this post inspire you all to wrap up those bottles of wine, and those pairs of socks with renewed passion this year. If you have any questions relating to my ideas and suggestions on gift wrapping for the Dad's in your world, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at 

Happy Father's Day, 

Romy xx