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Blog post #1

Welcome to my very first entry in my Let's Talk Wrapping blog series. 

I live by the premise that a present is not a gift until it's wrapped - and beautifully so. 

I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that I look forward to sharing with you, just a few of which I really hope inspire you to embrace the art of gift wrapping. 

By way of introducing myself, I thought I should share, with you, just a few things that inspire me in life. 

Creativity and artful living, huge ocean views and sunsets, reading blogs, bright colours, flowers, design & decor of spaces, photography, clouds, women who can walk in heels, anything that makes me laugh out loud, food presentation and entertaining, personalisation, ribbons, bright colours, my family & friends, the magic of reality, my dogs, art, luxury stationary, travel, the power of social networks......




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Words and photography on The Gift Wrap Studio website by myself. 

Romy x