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DIY pyramid gift box tutorial

I have so often had something small to wrap up, and when the item is wrapped, looks so insignificant because of its size. I saw these little mini pyramid shaped gift boxes and decided they would be so versatile for small gifts or even as a stylish presentation for the hospitality industry to use as their evening turn down gift, left on the guests pillow. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own pyramid shaped gift boxes. You don't need to stick to my measurements (just use the same ratio's), you can make smaller or larger one's based on the size of your "gift".

1. Select a firm card stock to use, you need to ensure that the package is rigid and not floppy and flimsy. I found "designer" card sold in 300mm square sheets (I think its typically used for scrapbooking) in various colours and designs at my local PNA, which was just perfect for this project. Draw your cutting and folding lines on the reverse side. 

2. Cutting & Folding lines - I used an 8cm measure for my gift boxes. Start by drawing an 8cm square box. Make a half-way mark (4cm) on each line of each side of the square, this will be the point at which your triangle lines meet on each side. Ensure each side of the triangle measures 8cm as per the diagram. Once you have drawn the four triangles, use freehand to draw half circles/domes above each triangle side - this will be your cutting line. Once you have drawn all your lines, you will then cut the outline of the shape with a sharp pair of scissors. 


Above is your cut-out as viewed from the reverse side (inside of your gift box) and below is the cut-out as viewed from the right side.


3. Folding - now turn the shape back to the reverse side, where your fold lines are visible. Take a single hole punch and punch a hole just below the tip of each triangle, ideally in the middle (I used the middle of each square line as a guide). These holes will be used to thread twine to secure the gift box when completed. Once that is done, use a metal ruler to guide your folds as you fold along each outer triangle line and then end off by folding along the initial square lines. 

Make sure your fold lines are sharp and crisp, which will make for a professional looking end product


4. Finishing - once you are happy with all your fold lines, gently pull the four triangles up to meet in the middle. Before you thread a little twine or ribbon through the four holes, place your gift in the middle of the square. Finally secure with a bow.



And there you have a beautiful little pyramid shaped hand-made gift box. So elegant and so simple.

Once you have experimented and perfected the art of mini gift boxes, do share some of your pics with me. Post either of our Facebook page or email me I would love to hear from you.

Romy xx