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Let's start over in 2018

It has recently dawned upon me that I am a shocker at blogging. Whilst I have grand plans for my blog, life happens and blogging gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do-list. That is about to change.  I have vowed to become more committed to establishing my blog as a go to resource for all things gift-wrapping & the various creative & crafty extensions that the wonderful world of gift wrapping and packaging/ visual presentation may garner. I will from time to time blog about experiences that I feel are worthy of sharing, not limited to gift wrapping and packaging, but to do with living life as a sensory stimulated person, who loves anything bright & beautiful. 

To launch the new wave of The Gift Wrap Studio blog posts by me, I thought it fitting to tell you more about me. I have come up with 20 things about me which, most don’t know, and I would like to share with you, in no particular order;

1. I tend to view my life as either really terrible or really fantastic

2. In my previous life (when I was much much younger) I sold jewellery packaging and display materials

3. My favourite fruits are granadilla & pomegranate

4. I worry that my memory is going

5. I have never been married and I have no children

6. I love to travel – my favorite travel destination in the world is ITALY

7. I adore books – I buy more books than I am able to read

8. I believe that loss is the ultimate leveller, I have lost both my father and my brother

9. I love food, all food. I love everything to do with food, preparing it, cooking it, presenting it, photographing it, sharing it & eating it

10. I am named after a German actress, Romy Schneider. She sadly committed suicide in 1977

11. I am a mixed breed, and have no South African blood running through my veins. My father was German and my mother is British (both born & bred). South Africa is my place of birth, so I am indeed South African & passionately so

12. I take thousands of photographs

13. I love to study. I want to study more & more & more, again & again. The quest for knowledge feeds my soul

14. I love to laugh

15. I am the eldest of four

16. I am Aries

17. My bark is way worse than my bite

18. I really don’t like wearing make-up – I honestly don’t think it makes much of a difference – perhaps I am doing it wrong?

19. I am a giver, I don’t like receiving

20. I adore my dogs – Keeko, Zoey & Pippa

Want to know more? Follow my feed on Instragram @thegiftwrapstudio. I look forward to posting regular blog posts in the future and invite you all to join me on an exciting foray into the bright & beautiful world of gift wrapping and all things creatively crafty that may inspire you.

Love Romy x