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Let's wrap it up a notch this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few Sunday's away, so why not bring a touch of "pretty" to your Mother's Day gift wrapping this year, showing your Mom just how much you adore her? When you are wrapping for a special occasion and have a couple of gifts to wrap, I suggest selecting a theme for your gift wrapping. By way of a theme, I mean select a colour palate that is applied to all the gifts you will be wrapping up. This Mother's Day my theme is bright and feminine, using pinks, purples, yellows & turquoise. What makes you think I love colour? Do mix them all up and use various accents of each. Think about adding embellishments that will give your gifts a unique edge of "pretty". Here are a few ideas, which include a couple of DIY elements you can add to your wrapping, making the presentation unusual, showing your Mom just how much you love her.

1. Pretty in pink. Cut the bottom off of a bunch of celery and use as a stamp. Here I used white fabric paint to stamp on this bright pink craft paper. Wrap up your gift and add a matching shade of pink ribbon, with white stitching.    

2. Plain turquoise with a pop of yellow. I wrapped the gift and applied a strip of yellow ric rac. Make a bright yellow flower using a paper serviette. So simple and so effective. Secure it to your gift using a glue dot. How gorgeous is this colour combination?  The flower adds a touch of "pretty". 

3. A small "purp-lish" box. I wrapped this little box in plain purple wrap and added an additional accent of purple by using a skinny ribbon with white stitching. Then the "pretty" piece, a ric rac mini flower, which I made by simply rolling the ric rac back up on itself.


4. The handmade gift-bag. If you have attended one of my workshops you will know that I am not a fan of "gift bags" per se. But I am a big fan of handmade gift bags. Why not try your hand at making a gift bag to pop your Mother's Day gift into. You can custom make the bag to fit your gift. It's all in the measuring. Make the gift bag using a quality paper. I recommend using off cuts of wallpaper, which gives the end product a very luxurious look & feel. Add a complimentary ribbon and you have a beautiful work of art.


5. Wrap and apply a complimentary band. For those of you who don't have the time or the inclination for the DIY bits, use a bright plain paper and add a patterned band. I have added a band of "tulip" paper, designed by Roger la Borde (Exclusive Books stock a range of his beautiful reversible papers). Just because my Mom is special, I have added a velvet ribbon, which adds a touch of class and style to the overall presentation.

I hope these simple, yet effective wrapping ideas have sparked your creativity and inspired you to wrap up your Mother's Day gifts with added enthusiasm and flair this year. 

Just so you know, I purchased all the plain bright gift wrapping used in this post from my local Checkers store. 

We would love you to wrap up your Mother's Day gifts and share your pics with us on our Facebook page, or post on Instagram and tag us. 

Happy crafting, happy creating and most importantly, wishing all you gorgeous Mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day. 

Romy x