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Simple DIY Valentine's Day wrapping styles

2018 has barely begun, and it's nearly Valentine's Day, the first of many annual celebrations on our calendar. It's time to express your love and appreciation, and no, not just to your significant other, why not honour everyone you love this coming Valentine's Day? We all love to be loved. Gifts don' have to be lavish to express your feelings, taking time on the gift wrap certainly goes along way to make the recipient feel extra special and loved. Wrap with love & attention. We chose to embrace tissue paper this year, we love its versatility and flexibilty. We have shared a couple of gift wrapping ideas, one suited to the boys in your world and one for the girls, using the same tissue paper. If it's just a bunch of flowers you are giving this year, add your own special signature to the bouquet. Read on and we will show you how. 

1. The art of fringe"ing". This one's for the boys. Let us tell you how and see the image that details the steps. 
a. Wrap up the gift. You may consider using a contrasting paper for the base OR not. We opted to use the same red heart tissue for all elements. Measure the circumference of the gift, I used a ribbon to do this. This will determine how long the strips of tissue must be for the fringe"ing" to go all the way around. 

b. Based on how narrow or broad you would like your fringe finish to be, cut strips accordingly. Let the size of the gift guide you. I cut 8cm strips for this gift. Fold them double, to measure 4cm, the final width of each strip.       

c. Depending on whether you would like your fringing to look haphazard and messy, or neat & manicured, will depend on which side of the strip you do the fringe"ing". I chose neat and manicured so cut into the folded side, using my precious Martha Stewart fringe scissors (I am exploring importing these to sell at my workshops and on my website - watch this space). If you don't have fancy fringe scissors, a sharp pair of scissors will do the job just fine, ensure you cut evenly spaced cuts into the paper.                                                                               

d. Position the fringed paper strips on the gift and secure at the back with double sided tape. 

2. Make tissue flower gift toppers for your favourite girls

a. Once again, wrap the base of your gift as you wish. I like the same, same look. The tissue topper is made from the same tissue I used to wrap the gift. If you have made tissue pom-poms before, these are the same, simply fluff out the tissue layers to one-side only, making half a ball and then give it a radical hair-cut, to get into into proportion with the size of your gift.                                                               

b. If you are not familiar with making pom-poms,  cut rectangles of tissue and layer six sheets on top of one another. Concertina the tissue, as demonstrated in the image below. Gather concertinas into a single flat piece, squish the middle together and secure with a length of ribbon. Then start fluffing out layer by layer, as explained above. Shape and trim and secure to your gift. And voila, how beautiful? 


3. Add your signature to a bouquet of flowers, using tissue paper

Fold tissue, face up, into a ream of brown paper and, wrap around your bouquet of flowers. Pull back the end piece of both the tissue and brown paper back on themselves, and secure with a piece of tape, to expose the tissue. Secure with a generous bunch of raffia for a natural look. Simple, elegant & beautiful. 

I hope this post inspires you to explore your creativity and wrap your Valentine's Day gifts with love. 

With love from us to you,

Romy xxx