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Welcome to The Gift Wrap Studio's blog where I will be posting all things gift wrapping. This is a repository for everything that inspires me when it comes to the world of paper, ribbons, finishing touches, designs, DIY tutorials, photography, what's new and trending out there and so much more. Leave your contact details on our contacts page and receive regular blog post notifications.  

Simple DIY Valentine's Day wrapping styles

2018 has barely begun, and it's nearly Valentine's Day, the first of many annual celebrations on our calendar. It's time to express your love and appreciation, and no, not just to your significant other, why not honour everyone you love this coming Valentine's Day? We all love to be loved. Gifts don' have to be lavish to express your feelings, t...
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Let's start over in 2018

It has recently dawned upon me that I am a shocker at blogging. Whilst I have grand plans for my blog, life happens and blogging gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do-list. That is about to change.  I have vowed to become more committed to establishing my blog as a go to resource for all things gift-wrap...
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Black & White on trend for Father's Day 2016

I personally find it rather challenging wrapping gifts up for men, so I spent much time deliberating about this blog post on gift wrapping styles and ideas for wrapping up Father's Day gifts. You may have already come to know that I LOVE colour. Colour makes me happy, but that said, very bright colours tend to be very "pretty" and not particular...
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Let's wrap it up a notch this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few Sunday's away, so why not bring a touch of "pretty" to your Mother's Day gift wrapping this year, showing your Mom just how much you adore her? When you are wrapping for a special occasion and have a couple of gifts to wrap, I suggest selecting a theme for your gift wrapping. By way of a theme, I mean select a colour p...     
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DIY pyramid gift box tutorial

I have so often had something small to wrap up, and when the item is wrapped, looks so insignificant because of its size. I saw these little mini pyramid shaped gift boxes and decided they would be so versatile for small gifts or even as a stylish presentation for the hospitality industry to use as their evening turn down gift, left on the guest...
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A creative & colourful Easter 

It feels as if I have just packed away my Christmas tree and Easter is upon us. It sort of crept up on us all, hasn't it? One thing that has me excited this year, is the move away from strictly pastel colours to an Easter colour palette that is bright and vibrant. The variety of Easter goodies on sale in the shops is over whelming.....but I did ...
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Valentine's Day gift wrapping inspiration

It’s Valentine’s Day in three weeks, so why not put a little heart into your gift wrapping, making it a magical Valentine’s Day for that someone special. I am currently loving the simplicity of old fashioned kraft brown paper, it is so vers...
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Blog post #1

Welcome to my very first entry in my Let's Talk Wrapping blog series.  I live by the premise that a present is not a gift until it's wrapped - and beautifully so.  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that I look forward to sharing with you, just a few of which I re...
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