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Kate Alexander

I can’t thank you enough for such an incredible morning spent with you last week on your course. I have always tried over the years to make my wrapping unique and creative, but it is always the actual folding of the paper that lets me down, every time! So to have learnt so much in just one morning was wonderful. The setting was beautiful and working with such good quality paper and ribbon, I now understand makes all the difference in the world. And thank you for your patience, when it appeared that I had two left thumbs. I look forward to the many hours of practice that I will be putting in, to conquer all the techniques, and hopefully to attend more courses with you.

Angie Corder

What fun! For someone who avoids wrapping, as I am so bad at it – this was an ideal course for me to go on! Not only do I now know HOW to wrap gifts beautifully & creatively, I actually WANT to wrap gifts! Romy is a fun, creative & very clever lady! The concept of “The Gift Wrap Studio” is so innovative & unique, yet has such a wide appeal! A great activity for a hen’s party | baby shower | girls gathering | QT with a sister, mother or friend! I loved every moment of it & would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates beautiful things!! P.S. Great value for money! You leave with so many delicious goodies ;-)”

Brenda Hopewell

I have never been great at wrapping presents as I always thought it was a bit of an effort, time consuming and expensive. This course was a real eye-opener in how to create beautiful wrapping AND that gift wrapping can be quick, easy and not expensive at all. Romy has such great ideas to share and her passion for wrapping is infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and had a lot of fun.

Cheryl Paull

I spent a fabulous morning at the The Gift Wrap Studio being taught how to wrap gifts beautifully. I’m not a gift-wrapping person. I normally give people gifts with NO wrapping. But this course was so interesting and actually inspired me to use the techniques that Romy taught me. It was great chatting to the others on the course - especially those who couldn’t wrap the champagne bottle! I will definitely be attending the next course - SUCH FUN - and people now think I’m a genius when I arrive with the gifts.

Leigh Callipolitis

I found the “Introduction to Gift Wrapping” workshop such fun. A great way to spend some “me” time, not only learning how to gift wrap, but also meeting new people. My usual gift wrapping methods in the past have included shoving a gift into a gift bag but this course really showed me how easily and cost effectively you can make a gift look extraordinary. Romy’s enthusiasm and passion is evident in every detail, a well thought out and fun creative way to spend a few hours. I would highly recommend it!

Lynn Schmid

Thank you very much for a wonderful morning yesterday. A stunning venue, delicious cappuccinos and treats, but most of all a very informative, interesting and fun morning learning the art of gift wrapping. I was challenged with a couple of the bows and will have to put in a bit of practice. Please could you keep me informed on any further courses you do and hopefully I will be able to join in.

Levona Adkins

I attended the gift wrapping workshop with Romy on 21 April 2018, and all I can say is Oh.My.Word. 
Romy brings to you a whole new world of understanding your own wrapping style - not an imposed style of wrapping. She shares beautiful techniques and makes you explore presentation styles that suit the recipient, friends, family or clients. If you are wondering if this course is worth it, it absolutely is. It will open your eyes to an array of ideas and give you the skills to wrap like an expert. Thank you for granting us your time Romy.

Maria Rosato

Thank you so much for doing this rush job, which turned out magnificently. Your work is impeccable, and your service is beyond the norm. Thank you! 21 May 2018